Transforming the Space

Art is seamless and often without a definition. It has to be felt rather than creating a boundary of specifications because each should be set free to perceive it as per their imagination.

An art gallery should be a medium to help the world feel art in its purest form and understand what story the artists are trying to express through their art; and with that came the birth of Kadari which explores the fresh perspective of beauty & form.

Our Story

Proudly adorning contemporary art created with passion by artists across India, we house paintings, sculptures and other artworks that you would want to acquire. We give a voice to Indian artists, helping them show their artworks to an audience which acknowledges and appreciates.

Our gallery, Kadari, is also a conversation between artists and design professionals, integrating art and space design. It's where architects/designers can find the connect in artworks that speak to them and add visual character to their spaces and client projects.

Our vision is to perceive art as the power to inspire,
motivate, transform, illuminate and evolve.

The Founder

Ms. Supraja Rao, the founder of Kadari Art Gallery, is an eminent interior designer whose first love has always been art. She founded the gallery with an intriguing vision of the otherwise interwoven fields of space design and art which was a gap that needed to be filled. 

In 2016, she started sourcing and curating artworks through Kadari. Soon, the gallery transformed into a place where art made a statement and infused with space design, propelled by Ms. Rao's vision and passion.

A Tribute

Ms. Supraja Rao founded the Kadari Art Gallery in 2020, expressing tribute and gratitude towards the family she was born into.

Kadari Art Gallery gives a new direction, offering a unique experience to art lovers and collectors in the process, in the hope to infuse the creative fields of art and space design, enabling contemporary artists find the platform they need.

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